Float Your Financial Boat

WALK ON WATER: Float Your Financial Boat is a social and creative entrepreneurial project, including publications, both electronic and print-on-demand – an e-publishing that address the financial day-to-day realities facing millions of Americans in the uncertain currents of personal longterm economic sustainability. Lisl Dennis’ innovative creative and spiritual structure includes personal story sharing and strategies to generate overflow, generosity, and service in the world-at-large. The project offers perspectives on giving back from one’s vessel of bounty:
a full cargo of courage, wisdom, practices, imagination, creativity
– batik, indigo and spice.

WOW launches with a visionary social media and multi-platform publishing project on a high-production self-publishing platform. The project includes a survivor’s resource handbook, personal stories, an ocean-going ship’s log, guided meditations, and unfolding visually inspired online and print-on-demand (POD) content. WOW is about creative and spiritual responses to in-your-face economic challenges. It addresses the practical, emotional, creative, and spiritual aspects of how to
WALK ON WATER: Float Your Financial Boat.

"Boatmen charged so much to
cross the Sea of Galilea,
Jesus had to learn to Walk On Water.”